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Grease trap cleaning traps cooking oils and greases and separates the oils. Kitchen drain lines are blocked by oil and grease solids, which also cause a foul smell. It is a serious matter for commercial and residential kitchens. Hence the cleaning and maintenance of the grease traps are mandatory. It is a rule by Dubai Municipality that everyone should clean grease traps in commercial kitchens every 15 days. We, as a solution, provide professional cleaning and maintenance services essential for grease traps in commercial kitchens.

Al Goma is good at grease trap cleaning and disposing properly through waste disposal plants. We follow all municipal regulations and even maintain a log.

We effectively and professionally pump the liquid waste and sludge from grease traps keeping a record of the volume of grease removed on the activity log.

We provide reliable, efficient, hygienic, and cost-effective maintenance, maintain proper means of transport and follow all Municipality regulations.

We visit according to the scheduled date & time and make an Annual Contract. Also, we attend emergency complaint services.

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