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8 steps for cleaning grease trap

 A grease trap is a pumping device that is also a kind of trap designed to intercept greases, sludge, and fatty oils and separate them from water. The substance passes through a system where it is given time to cool off and solidify, and the water passes through the drain as normal. The system must be cleaned properly in order to work effectively at keeping the grease trap clean.

Step 1: With the help of a pry bar, detach the lid from the grease trap.

Make sure you go through this process slowly, as there are gaskets and the grease trap is located just under the cover. Handle it with care; if you break it, you will have to spend money to replace it.


Step 2: Once the lid is removed, check out the grease trap’s parts.

In this step, you will be removing and replacing parts during cleaning. Before that, you need to understand the location of the components and how to put them back in their proper positions.


Step 3: Take a wooden dowel or a measuring stick and insert it into the grease trap.

Take a dowel and slowly guide it to the bottom of the trap, then swirl it in such a way that grease and oil mark the dowel. This lets us know how much waste is in the trap.

Step 4: Take a small bucket and use it to remove standing water from the tank of your grease trap.

You can also use a large bucket or a trash bin to store the water and pour it into the drain after collecting all the waste.

 Step 5: With the help of a small bucket, you can remove the waste from the grease trap.

Using a bucket, bring out all the solidified waste. Place all the waste properly in a watertight bag.


Step 6: Use a vacuum to suck up small bits of waste.

Remove large pieces of fat or oil, and to make it even cleaner, use a wet/dry vacuum to suck down all the waste.

Step 7: Use soap and water to clean the lids, trap sides, and other parts.

Using a steel pot scrubber helps to remove excess waste and odor. And use water to remove soap 

Step 8: Reinstall the grease trap 

Install it by placing all the parts in the proper order.



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